We have begun…our dream of Vampire realms and supernatural communities is nigh!

And so it begins. For years I’ve wanted to do this…so often I would start, but would pull back because I was worried I was never enough, did not know enough, did not have enough. But that is past. I have missed my vampires and have decided, with the knowledge of Discord, to attempt to bring my Vampires home. However, vampires alone make for a very two-dimensional universe. So, in the spirit of the deal, we are going to build a world that is a parallel of earth, having developed similarly, yet not. Same in some ways and divergent in others, where creatures are similar in some ways and not so much in others. Where magic and normal collide and live side by side, like it or not. And this realm will be a community that merges with our reality, that spills into our everyday lives, where people can come and advertise their businesses within our spaces and live their lives within our cyberworld and even mourn their loved ones in our cemetery, as we have lost loved ones who we’ve mourned since the inception and demise of Vampire Wars. Vampire Wars…the only game I ever truly loved and ever truly immersed myself within – the loss of which devastated me and which some of us will never truly get over.

We are creating Broken Realms of Zohl, a world where the supernatural will play, live, love, and enjoy life, while still living a life in the real world. My vision is that it will integrate the aspects of the game environment, a community atmosphere, and the friendliness that encompassed my interactions with my vampires and that has been missing from all the other games after VW ended.

I began constructing the environment on 3 November 2020. Its base of operations will be in the Discord server universe, but if it follows my will, it will eventually spill outside of that environment to encompass a mobile game app and virtual shops that will extend their tendrils into the real world, allowing members who have establishments in the real world to link into our universe.

We already have crypto bot up and running, able to take tips and eventually (hopefully) ready to make raindrops as gifting for members. I hope to eventually have other financial bots set up as ATMs to make our environment as independent of others as possible. It has taken many hours so far to get this up and running and I do not foresee this getting any easier.

Eventually, if the Realms expand as I hope, we will need revenue to pay mods to ensure our communities’ safety. However, this is many years’ worth of planification and seeing how far reaching the plan is, it may not even happen. I am already long in the tooth, so we shall see if this is but a dream within a dream or is reality…

Guidebook to Broken Realms of Zohl (Work in Progress)

Broken Realms of Zohl (Discord Community – In Progress – Projected to open in 2021 to the general public)

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~ Honey Gain

Starting the season right

“When you see your brother or your sister suffering, you must not stay silent.”

– Kabede Bimro, Red Sea Diving Resort

With the holidays just around the corner, I joined the efforts to raise funds and try to make our corner a little bit better for my less fortunate brothers and sisters. Since COVID hit, businesses have suffered, people have lost their jobs. The homeless in Lee County have increased. Elections are coming up and we have no idea which way the winds will blow. The current president cries doom and gloom if anyone but himself is picked. I hope whoever wins will do what is best for everyone and get to work at mending the US.

With that said, there are a few things going on that I would like to share with everyone. I am a member of the Lee County Homeless Coalition and have begun to step up my efforts to help out in that regard. I figure if I plan on being an entity in our community, I need to be a positive change in it and that begins with our homeless population because they are the most affected when things go badly in a community with regards to the economy and healthcare issues.

We joined the Lee County Homeless Coalition fundraising efforts as the Chaos Lords of SWFL. And I am using my social media sites to disseminate information and try to reach others in an effort to raise awareness of the issue with homelessness and also to help those in greatest need access available resources. The following are a few of the happenings around Lee County here in SWFL…

This is the Food Mobile calendar for November 2020
Questions? Visit www.CommunityCooperative.com or call 239.332.SOUP.
Download the PDF file below:

Oma’s Heart has moved locations. In addition, due to social distancing, it will be changing procedures. To keep everyone safe, toys will be distributed by drive-through this year. Please visit Omasheart.org for further information.

We all love to shop online. Now you can shop and support the fight to end homelessness! Please consider choosing LCHC as your charity of choice on Amazon! Sign in to smile.amazon.com and select Lee County Homeless Coalition to support. Thank you for all you do to make homelessness a rare, brief, and one-time experience.

Is it just me or is the world on fire?

Stumbled upon the review Why ‘Joker’ Is About All of Us and I find it speaks to me. In a few short paragraphs, the author has captured the soul of the issue, expanded it to envelop our current reality, and explained it in such a manner that she has given it life and made me perk up and pay attention…because I understand what she is trying to convey and she does so in such a manner that the words take on an essence of their own, filling in the empty spaces within the reality around us, becoming what we are living. Sometimes words can be touched, felt…they can wrap around your soul in an intricate blanket. I think I may need to put this movie on my list of Needful Things, maybe?

Is it CC?

I love CC. Some days are harder than others when it comes to listening and making sense of what is being said.

Andrea's Buzzing About:

Description: The Closed Captioning symbol, a black frame in a horizontal rectangle, with a white television screen shape inside, displaying a pair of letter Cs.

This icon is used in North America to denote television programming that carried the accessory closed captioning signal. (I like to give artists credit, so I’ll mention that it was designed by Jack Foley, a graphics designer for that closed captioning pioneer, public television station WGBH of Boston, Massachusetts.) I’m pleased to see this icon on video boxes or in a television guide by a show listing, because it means the program is captioned, i.e. subtitled. Captions aren’t exactly the same as subtitles, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Captions also describe other important auditory information, such as the type of background mood music, that a phone is ringing, there’s a knock on the door, or putting a musical quarter-note symbol by the…

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Recess: Sunday Funnies

Andrea's Buzzing About:

Recess means we take a break and play; it’s important to do that once in a while.

Today I have a cartoon from today’s funny pages, “Pearls Before Swine” by Stephen Pastis. This one made it to our refrigerator. Everyone has difficulties understanding voice-mail messages once in a while. Those of us with auditory processing problems or hearing problems have difficulties understanding voice-mail messages all the time. We dread listening to voice-mail messages, and hate having to listen to them repeatedly to try and figure out what someone is telling us.

(Description of cartoon: This is a seven-panel cartoon of a pig and a rat standing by a table with a telephone message recording machine. In the first panel, Rat is listening to a recorded message, with pencil poised over a notepad; the recorded message says, “…and so … if you just … uh… meet me … like … uhh…

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Everything…and nothing at all

Who am I? I am everything…and nothing at all. I am one whose doctor refused to name for the love of me, more’s the pity…or maybe not. Who even knows what is best and what is not in this world where chaos reins and fairy tales are the hope of the masses? I am and that is enough in and of itself. What am I? Something between heaven and hell, between shadows and light. I am Frankenstein, put together of bits and pieces picked up along the road called life, a kaleidoscope of colors borrowed from those I have come into contact with, flavored by experiences that make me smile each time I close my eyes, flooding my synapses with adrenaline and suffusing my senses with joy and bonhomie recalling moments frozen in a time and place that will never be again. One can never go home again, after all. And that is as it should be.

Who am I? A dreamer, a cynic, a lover, a fighter, a creature that Loves the light almost as much as she loves the dark and the candlelight in which she sits alone and ponders whenever she is allowed to escape the world and retreat to the safety of her own mind. There are so many lovely songs, poems, thought-provoking pieces, the most thought-provoking usually obscure…anyway, from time to time, I will be adding these because they speak to me, to a part of me that comes out in these diaries. Sometimes I will go back and edit, adding commentaries…and sometimes I won’t, as the mood suits me.
Sometimes, they may seem a disjointed bunch, as I travel from place to place to place…times untold, but they make sense to me…And that is all that matters.

As I slowly began writing again after years of hiding, I began to experiment with different areas in which to place my soul, the real and the imagined, the shadows and the light. Even that which is imagination is real to me in the moment that it comes to be within my mind’s eye until the moment it is birthed into words and then I am once again set free.


I was definitely not seventeen. My summer spanned the
course of several years. But the memories, those years…
that lifetime. They endure.
I still dream and…in dreaming…remember those lovely,
bittersweet memories that I keep locked away in the
darkest recesses of my soul. Now, as an older woman, I
look back at the futility of hanging on in spite of all I
knew and all the innocence I sold cheaply, despite my
beliefs…and yet, beyond the shadow of a doubt, I know
I would do it all over again.
For in following the path I did, I ended up where I am now
and the memories, the heartbreak, the regrets, they just
make me richer and more able to love and forgive and
accept than I ever was before. Love…charity…they are
truly one and the same. And they really do beareth all
things for they have no other choice. Even when one walks
away in despair, never again to turn back, the love
endures…forever, maybe not in the same form, because in
walking away it is burned at the seams and charred into a
new form, but enduring nonetheless.

Of Strawberry Wine and Other Things…

To Be Me

An upswing of emotions, a manic high brought about by adrenaline, to be swept away and enveloped in heart-wrenching emotions so strong as to burst you at the seams if only you will let yourself go…this is why some rare ones love being who they are so much…
and why others might be uncomfortable, as well, and none to blame.
At my best, I am alive, a wire, the world bright colors and silver linings greet me at every turn. Yet I’ve dipped my toes within darker regions, inky pits of despair. Sometimes, I have willingly lowered myself into the tar pits of the nether regions just to feel what there is to feel. I know the heights that can be reached and have tasted a fleeting bitter drop of despair, yet never enough for it to be as bad as it can get for some…I am blessed. Blessed to be me, to be able to reach for heights untold and to be able to avoid the maelstrom of despair that can enfold those unfortunate enough to own the two opposite ends of the spectrum.
How bizarre, to be able to feel and yet be able withdraw into the relative safe void that hides within my soul. I would not change a thing. To live, to sink my teeth within this life and suck the sweet juices dripping down my fingers…what a blessing to be me!

~ Maelstrom143


it is so hard for me these days to think, to speak, to try
to be myself and not to cry out in despair thinking that
somewhere out there I lost my way and failed to find that
one true friend that i was meant to spare from a life of
search and longing and affairs…
i have someone yet I don’t; i cry out to him and he
ignores my pleas asking that i be exactly what he wants
from me, complaining when i am and even when i am not…
so dark and cold; sheer despair envelops my world and
my soul and i still cry out to the night wondering where i
possibly went wrong.
i turn to friends to bare my soul when i should have that
one true love to turn my face toward and yet i don’t…
so afraid of the rebukes and the hatred building in my
inner fort; anger and restraint and a growing lack of
trust for one who should be all to me and yet is not…
it used to be i thought he was the one; my one true
friend, the best of me; yet, he is not…
he locks his soul away, preferring to keep his own counsel
and remain aloof and safe.
mayhap i fooled myself trying to think he was the one, for
no responding voice echoes my questing heart and my
loneliness augments, sending me reeling back in time to a
time when i locked myself away
only darkness echoes back my request for a kindred heart
in whose light to bask in and the light of day slowly
bleeds away, leaving me lying bleeding, broken, and afraid,
not of being alone but of being lonely forevermore.

~ Maelstrom143

Mneme Uncovered

I am seeming to enjoy this diary. it has been so very long
since I was able to express all my wild and crazy thoughts
quite so openly and unafraid of censure.
of course, i have to close my eyes and ignore everything
i ever knew about proper spelling/writing/etc and just flow,
but it sure beats the heck out of the alternative:
going completely and totally insane.
i have tried being me in front of family and friends but
truly it is too hard for most to really know me and be
able to accept the fact that i can be quite volatile and blunt
but i mean no harm and no foul i just am and it is
so very nice to be able to just let it all hang out and
not have everyone judging me as mean or ugly just because
i like to argue with the tv and pass judgment on
inconsequential fictitious tv/movie characters who will
never know or care that i insulted them or wished them
harm because they are not real. i don’t do it to real
people and that is what really counts, i think.
i do not think i am such a bad person
for being me, but am so sick and tired of being wrongly
interpreted. anyway, i am what i am and i cannot change my
soul just to please those around me, so i will just hide
out and let them see whatever it is makes them
happy…after all, nothing lasts forever…one day i will
be free to be me in places where they will see me if just
for a day or just for a week and then i’ll be gone, off to
greener lands or maybe just newer…never to be seen again.

~ Maelstrom143