Everything…and nothing at all

Who am I? I am everything…and nothing at all. I am one whose doctor refused to name for the love of me, more’s the pity…or maybe not. Who even knows what is best and what is not in this world where chaos reins and fairy tales are the hope of the masses? I am and that is enough in and of itself. What am I? Something between heaven and hell, between shadows and light. I am Frankenstein, put together of bits and pieces picked up along the road called life, a kaleidoscope of colors borrowed from those I have come into contact with, flavored by experiences that make me smile each time I close my eyes, flooding my synapses with adrenaline and suffusing my senses with joy and bonhomie recalling moments frozen in a time and place that will never be again. One can never go home again, after all. And that is as it should be.

Who am I? A dreamer, a cynic, a lover, a fighter, a creature that Loves the light almost as much as she loves the dark and the candlelight in which she sits alone and ponders whenever she is allowed to escape the world and retreat to the safety of her own mind. There are so many lovely songs, poems, thought-provoking pieces, the most thought-provoking usually obscure…anyway, from time to time, I will be adding these because they speak to me, to a part of me that comes out in these diaries. Sometimes I will go back and edit, adding commentaries…and sometimes I won’t, as the mood suits me.
Sometimes, they may seem a disjointed bunch, as I travel from place to place to place…times untold, but they make sense to me…And that is all that matters.

As I slowly began writing again after years of hiding, I began to experiment with different areas in which to place my soul, the real and the imagined, the shadows and the light. Even that which is imagination is real to me in the moment that it comes to be within my mind’s eye until the moment it is birthed into words and then I am once again set free.


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