Is it CC?

I love CC. Some days are harder than others when it comes to listening and making sense of what is being said.

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Description: The Closed Captioning symbol, a black frame in a horizontal rectangle, with a white television screen shape inside, displaying a pair of letter Cs.

This icon is used in North America to denote television programming that carried the accessory closed captioning signal. (I like to give artists credit, so I’ll mention that it was designed by Jack Foley, a graphics designer for that closed captioning pioneer, public television station WGBH of Boston, Massachusetts.) I’m pleased to see this icon on video boxes or in a television guide by a show listing, because it means the program is captioned, i.e. subtitled. Captions aren’t exactly the same as subtitles, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Captions also describe other important auditory information, such as the type of background mood music, that a phone is ringing, there’s a knock on the door, or putting a musical quarter-note symbol by the…

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One thought on “Is it CC?

  1. I wasn’t sure where to comment, so I commented on both the original and here. 🙂

    “They also made me realise just how much I was actually missing when the uncaptioned shows were on — I had to strain to understand, and still didn’t catch all the dialog.”

    So true for me, too. I watch with close captioning even with shows I have seen many many times (which are most of the shows I watch).

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