We have begun…our dream of Vampire realms and supernatural communities is nigh!

And so it begins. For years I’ve wanted to do this…so often I would start, but would pull back because I was worried I was never enough, did not know enough, did not have enough. But that is past. I have missed my vampires and have decided, with the knowledge of Discord, to attempt to bring my Vampires home. However, vampires alone make for a very two-dimensional universe. So, in the spirit of the deal, we are going to build a world that is a parallel of earth, having developed similarly, yet not. Same in some ways and divergent in others, where creatures are similar in some ways and not so much in others. Where magic and normal collide and live side by side, like it or not. And this realm will be a community that merges with our reality, that spills into our everyday lives, where people can come and advertise their businesses within our spaces and live their lives within our cyberworld and even mourn their loved ones in our cemetery, as we have lost loved ones who we’ve mourned since the inception and demise of Vampire Wars. Vampire Wars…the only game I ever truly loved and ever truly immersed myself within – the loss of which devastated me and which some of us will never truly get over.

We are creating Broken Realms of Zohl, a world where the supernatural will play, live, love, and enjoy life, while still living a life in the real world. My vision is that it will integrate the aspects of the game environment, a community atmosphere, and the friendliness that encompassed my interactions with my vampires and that has been missing from all the other games after VW ended.

I began constructing the environment on 3 November 2020. Its base of operations will be in the Discord server universe, but if it follows my will, it will eventually spill outside of that environment to encompass a mobile game app and virtual shops that will extend their tendrils into the real world, allowing members who have establishments in the real world to link into our universe.

We already have crypto bot up and running, able to take tips and eventually (hopefully) ready to make raindrops as gifting for members. I hope to eventually have other financial bots set up as ATMs to make our environment as independent of others as possible. It has taken many hours so far to get this up and running and I do not foresee this getting any easier.

Eventually, if the Realms expand as I hope, we will need revenue to pay mods to ensure our communities’ safety. However, this is many years’ worth of planification and seeing how far reaching the plan is, it may not even happen. I am already long in the tooth, so we shall see if this is but a dream within a dream or is reality…

Guidebook to Broken Realms of Zohl (Work in Progress)

Broken Realms of Zohl (Discord Community – In Progress – Projected to open in 2021 to the general public)

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