About Maelstrom143

Who am I? I am a nurse, a former soldier, a mom, a wife, an organism, not always in that order. I love reading, writing, working on translations, learning about different software, spending time with my family. Mostly I like to spend my time alone, inventing things that only I will see, researching obscure questions and things I come across in my daily dealings in the healthcare environment. I tinker, I wonder, I ponder, and I drive my family absolutely mad at times due to being distractible and forgetful, much like the absent-minded professor from Dr. Doolittle.

Still, it has me unperturbed. I cannot imagine being different or even needing companionship or amusement as often as regular people seem to need. Don’t get me wrong. I can get lonely. Only…it seldom happens. Suffice it for me to know my husband is about somewhere in the house and the kids likewise and it is sufficient for me to be able to sink into the world within my head and cease to be in this one for as long as I am able to get away with it. And that, I believe, is precisely as it should be  😉

What you will find on these pages is oodles of musings, experimentation with thoughts, wanderings outside my comfort zone, attempts to think in ways that are foreign, at times, maybe…there are so many things I’ve missed putting down and I fear I cannot get those ideas back in the original fashion, but glad I got what I did before it disappeared.

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